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Chartered Accountants
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September 2007
Northern Rock Plc and Accountants' References
September 2006
Investment Bonds
June 2006
CDI Credit Managment - A Name to Avoid
June 2005
A Personal View of the Housing
December 2004
Small Companies, the Self-employed and the Tax-system
September 2004
A Few Points on Inheritance Tax (updated June 2008)
The Family Home
Property as a Pension Fund
June 2004
The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
High Value Dealers
September 2003
Ten Tips on Aoiding Problems in a Tax Enquiry
June 2003
Humpty Dumpty and HMRC
April 2003
Housing Booms and Mortgage Madness
September 2002
Why use a Chartered Accountant?
March 2002
David v. Goliath
December 2001
Strange Ideas about the Tax System
September 2001
The Direct Debit Guarantee
June 2001
A Parable
March 2001
The VAT Registration Threshold
September 2000
The Curse of the Mobile Phone
TV or not TV
April 2014
Earning the State Pension
Mar 2017
Earning the State Pension
September 2020
What do I want with a Chartered Accountant?